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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Spoilers are mind-expanding! To prove it, we have a new clip from Angelina Jolie's mega-assassin movie Wanted, and some last-minute spoilers from Indiana Jones. Plus what to expect from the next few episodes of Battlestar Galactica, direct from producer Ron Moore. There are also tons of details about the fifth season of Stargate: Atlantis, including some new political troubles for the team. And a new hint about the upcoming Lost finale. This is your only spoiler warning.


Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull:

I think we've already spoiled the heck out of Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull before now, but some reviews do include a few details we haven't had in morning spoilers. Like the fact that Harold "Ox" Oxley (John Hurt) spent most of his career searching for the lost city of Akator — and finally found it.


And Indy almost married Marion sometime after Raiders of the Lost Ark, but ditched her at the altar. And then Marion never bothered to tell Indy she'd had his child: good old Mutt (Shia LaBeouf.) Indy doesn't approve of the guy Marion married instead of him. And Indy admits to Marion he's been with a few women since then, but "They all had the same problem," he says. "They weren't you." Awww.

Oh, and the movie abandons its CGI-light regimen in the final moments, which may spoil the film a bit for some viewers. [Comic Book Resources]


A new clip from July's super-assassin movie Wanted went online, although the coolest bit was already in the trailer. Actually, the coolest bit may be all the animal bobble heads on the cat-food truck's dashboard. [MovieWeb]


The official podcast for island-castaway show Lost's two-hour season finale has gone online. It mentions that the special before the finale will include deleted scenes from the "Oceanic Six" press conference. Ben, Jack and Charles Widmore won't die until the island is done with them — and the island kept Jack from killing himself. We will see Walt again. And they won't say who Abaddon works for, but he's not the "top of the chain." [Lost Spoilers]


Battlestar Galactica:

Some tidbits from Ron Moore's podcasts on recent episodes of robot-apocalypse show Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck's pristine Viper will play a "pivotal role" in an upcoming episode. We will learn more about the Six (and occasionally Baltar) in Gaius Baltar's head, and the Baltar in Caprica Six's head, including how they work and why.


The Galactica will start looking more and more banged-up in upcoming episodes. The Admiral Adama/President Roslin relationship still has some developing to do, and the book Adama is reading to Roslin will play a bigger role in the story. The interactions between the Caprica Six and Col. Tigh in the brig will play an important role in the rest of the series (as you may have guessed from the trailer for episode 8.)

The podcast write-ups also include some info on stuff that Moore and the other writers changed from the earlier drafts of the episodes that have already aired — like Tyrol talking in the final scene of "The Road Less Traveled," when Baltar comes to his quarters. [TV Squad]


There won't be any legal ramifications from Anders' shooting of Gaeta, since it happened during a mutiny. Plus, Adama is a slap-on-the-wrist kind of guy. [ComicMix]

Stargate Atlantis:

The fifth season of Stargate SG-1 spinoff Stargate Atlantis airs starting in July, and more details are emerging. Teyla gives birth to her child, and she'll also get closer to her Wraith side after she communes with a Wraith Queen. After that contact, Teyla's Wraith genes will be activated and she'll become a host for the Wraith Queen herself. Actor Rachel Luttrell will appear in full Wraith makeup and become the leader of "an alliance of Wraith."


And in the show's 100th episode, the cast visits Las Vegas for a more light-hearted story that may involve the Replicators. And as you may have heard, Richard Woolsey (Robert Picardo) takes over as station manager and Dr. Keller (Jewel Staite!!!!) becomes a series regular. [SyFyPortal]

And new detailed spoilers for the twelfth episode of the season have come out. The team gets invited to join a new coalition against the Wraith — but the new government also wants to prosecute the Atlantis Expedition for crimes they allegedly commited. Sheppard speaks to a council made up of representatives of three groups: Kelore of Latira, Shiana of the Tribes of Santhal and Dimas of the Free People of Riva. When a representative of the council, Myrus, comes to Atlantis to tell Woolsey about the situation, Woolsey has Myrus put under arrest in retaliation. Sheppard tells the council all about the plague, and about Michael. (There are flashbacks, which makes this sound like a clips episode.)


Woolsey comes to the council to take over the Atlantis team's defense. Woolsey finds out the Genii are behind the whole prosecution, because they want the Atlantis team out of the way so they can become the military power behind the new coalition. Woolsey tries to convince Kelore that the council is backing the wrong horse and should go with Atlantis instead. Kelore isn't convinced, and then the council accuses Atlantis of conspiring with the Wraith — which is ridiculous, except for the fact that Atlantis was working with Todd. [Notes... Written On Water]

And in another upcoming episode, the Wraith-worshiping Satedan Tyre captures Ronon and tries to sacrifice him to the Wraith. Ronon gets so pumped full of Wraith enzyme, he gives into his dark side and does some damage to Sheppard. Jewel Staite's Keller gets trapped with a Wraith in one episode, and Woolsey shows his emerging courage when he's about to be killed by a Wraith. [Sci Fi Wire]


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