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New video captures enormous UFO hovering over Hawaii, broadcasting music

This video was shot yesterday, capturing a UFO that several people saw over Hilo, Hawaii. It looks pretty cool, and the lights make it appear that there is a much larger ship — maybe even saucer shaped. Plus, who can deny the existence of an alien vessel that seems to have visited purely to broadcast ambient electronic music?


What's that, you say? This music isn't coming from the UFO? I'm sick of this skeptical attitude, people. Aliens love music, too.

Spotted on Real UFOs

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I just stabilised both shots of what is supposedly from two different observers.

1) The motion of the lights is exactly the same in both, like it's the same footage of the UFO tracked onto each clip.

2) I can find no other footage of this specific sighting online. Everywhere I search just brings up this same Youtube clip of both sequences.

3) Surely something apparently so large would be seen and noted in newspapers across Hawaii, and America, and the World. But nope, nothing.

4) Conclusion: It's fake.