New Venom Trailer Finally Shows Tom Hardy Turning into the Marvel Comics Anti-Hero

A promo image for Venom
A promo image for Venom
Image: Sony Pictures

The first teaser from a few weeks back didn’t give people what they really wanted: a symbiote-powered metahuman with a questionable sense of morality. But the trailer that just dropped does exactly that. “We” are pleased.

The newest clip gives the broad strokes of the upcoming Sony adaptation: Eddie Brock—played by Tom Hardy—is an investigative reporter, a shady corporation is experimenting on people with symbiotes, and one of those creatures somehow gets bonded to Eddie. From there, it’s rough justice and a fight for survival, with gooey appendages and conversations with the entity sharing Eddie’s body. It’s fun to hear Hardy talking to the symbiote’s voice and he’ll apparently be struggling to walk the line between good guy and killer in the movie. We’ll see more of this odd couple when Venom drops on October 5.


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