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When new showrunner Scott Rosenbaum (Chuck, The Shield) took over running V, he had a problem: He didn't know what the show was about, and he'd seen the first four episodes. Now, he promises that won't be a problem.


Talking to the LA Times, Rosenbaum said,

I never was quite sure from the first four episodes what [the show] was really about, outside of just "Visitors have come." What I told [the studio] about how I see it is that, at its spine, it's really about two mothers and how far that they're willing to go to protect their children. To me, Anna is the mother of all Vs. ... One of the things that I wanted to make clear in my version of the show was that Anna is not evil at all: Anna is simply an animal. She's a mother and she just wants to protect her children, her species, and she doesn't have anything against humanity. She's not evil. ... We're just something that stands in the way of her children's future. In [that] way, Erica's the same. ... Even though it's just Tyler, her son, I feel, metaphorically, she's the mother of all children.

It's not just about mothers, though. It's about parents protecting their children. It's Ryan trying to protect Val and his unborn baby. It's Father Jack trying to protect his flock. For me, it's very much about what we would do, as fathers, sons and daughters, to protect the people we love and how far that pushes us.


To that end, expect more pregnancies before too long, he promises:

One of the things that's going to be really fun is Val's pregnancy. ... Without saying what exactly is inside her, there's an accelerated gestation period. ... We're going to see signs and hints of what this baby really is, and then, ultimately, the baby will be born. I think the pregnancy story is a really fun story and weird and twisted but also very grounded and emotional. ... And there will be multiple pregnancies. ... Val will not be the only one who's pregnant.

That's not all; as well as promising more character development on both the Visitors and humans' side of things, Rosenbaum also teases that which we've been waiting for since the first episode:

You're going to see Anna's true colors, her true faith so to speak, sort of as a nod to the original series. You'll see rodent desire. We definitely do a nod to that, and then I think we top it. We trump it by one, all in the same episode.


Now there's a reason to check back into the show when it returns on ABC on March 30th.

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