Ultramarines, the CG Warhammer 40K movie, was supposed to come to Blu-ray and DVD back in 2010. It didn't. But if you've been patiently waiting for your chance to see the Ultima Squad fight the Black Legion Chaos Space Marines — or even if that sentence makes any sense to you — good news, as Anchor Bay has announced they're finally releasing the damn thing on March 5. It will include "over 45 minutes of bonus features including Into The Void: Making of Ultramarines™, Between Chaos & Darkness: The World Of The Space Marines, Creating the Daemon and a cool Ultramarines™ 'prequel animated onscreen graphic novel," so... it's just about Warhammer time, I guess. You can pre-order the movie here. Question: Why hasn't there been a nerdcore rapper named MC Warhammer yet? Seems like a real wasted opportunity to me.


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