New Twilight footage includes nudity, and Jacob crossing a major line. Plus new details of the bloody birth scene!

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We got to see three new scenes from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 — including naked Bella and Edward! And Jacob crossing the one line you never expected him to cross.


Also, the movie's cast discussed the crazy birth scene, and Taylor Lautner talked about the challenge of portraying a grown man "imprinting" on a CG baby. Spoilers ahead...

The director of Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Bill Condon, didn't hold back at all on sharing some serious footage from the film with us. Including some stuff that's not in the books.

First of all, we saw two scenes involving Jacob. This comes while Bella is pregnant, and the Cullens have realized that Bella is going to need more blood, or she'll die. At this point, Jacob has pulled away from his wolf pack and is protecting the Cullens from his fellow wolves.

In the first Jacob scene, he's talking to two of the Cullens about the fact that they've just run out of blood, and Bella will need more. And so will the Cullen men, if they're to be at their full strength and protect Bella. So they have to go get more, even though Sam (the lead wolf) will kill them if they go out there.

Jacob is amazed that the Cullens are willing to die to protect Bella, and they are matter-of-fact about it: Bella is part of their family now. Jacob looks at the camera while the two Cullens go out of focus. "Yes, I can see that," he muses. "This really is a family. As strong as the one I was born into. I know what I have to do."

And then we see Jacob in the woods with two younger wolves, Lee and Seth. The two youngsters wonder why Jacob doesn't want to shift into wolf form, but Jacob says it would be perceived as a threat. And Jacob calls out, saying he just wants to talk. A few of the wolf guys appear in the woods, in human form, and spit on the ground. They accuse Jacob of abandoning his family and becoming a "parasite." "How's your new family working out?" they ask. Then they ask what he wants.


Jacob says he wants them to take Lee and Seth back, so they can be safe. But Jacob himself isn't coming back to the pack. "Not until I finish this. I need to wait until Bella's separated from the problem," meaning the baby. "Tell Sam that when the moment comes, I'll be the one to destroy it," says Jacob. "I'm the only one who can. They trust me."

And then we saw the first glimpse of Bella and Edward's honeymoon. They're in a beautiful villa with tons of flowers, and Edward insists on carrying Bella across the threshold because he's a traditionalist. Bella looks around the sumptuous place, and winds up in front of the ginormous white bed, looking nervous. Edward gives her a sly "hell yeah" look.


Edward asks if she's tired, and she shakes her head and takes his hands. "Do you want to go for a swim?" he asks. She says that sounds nice, and she needs "a few human minutes." "Don't take too long, Mrs. Cullen," says Edward.

So Edward goes down to the beach alone and takes his shirt off. Cue a montage of Bella brushing her teeth, shaving her legs, looking at sexy undies and seethru nighties, against a dancy rock song. Then she winds up on the floor wrapped in a towel, with her head in her hands. "Don't be a coward," she breathes. Then she walks down to the beach wearing only her towel, pauses nervously, then lets it drop. She walks towards Edward standing shirtless in the water, looking incredibly pale.


But the big question was, how on earth are they going to handle this crazy birth scene? The key phrases everyone used to describe this scene were "hardcore" and "graphic."


For example, in the press conference before the Twilight panel, Robert Pattinson said, "For a fantasy series that's aimed at a young audience, it goes quite far. It's quite graphic. There's no way to do it in any kind of tame way, it was quite cathartic."

And at the panel, Kristen Stewart said, "We really did try to go as hardcore as we could. It's not your typical birthing scene. It took two days to shoot, two days of labor. In the book, there's this part where she's literally choking on blood that she's been drinking, and [she's] out of her mind."


Stewart said she felt like Bella has been fighting for this for years, and she's said all along that she's willing to die for this, and now she almost does die for it. And Bella is able to fight harder than any human ever could, because she's got a little bit of the vampire inside her. (And when she said that, Stewart laughed, embarrassed at the double entendre.)

And Pattinson said that the birth scene was different than anything he's gotten to do before. "I never really get to play Edward in a way that he's literally aware of his own helplessness, and so frail and human. Normally, he's so in control of himself, or in control of the situation — or at least pretending he is... but he has no idea how to help Bella... he's totally annihilated by the situation."


And then... there's Jacob imprinting on Bella's newborn baby. As Lautner told us in the press conference before the panel:

I was pretty nervous about imprinting. I was given an X on a wall, and I had to walk into the room on the verge of killing this baby and then stop, twist and imprint on it. Whatever that means. (Everyone laughs, and Pattinson mutters something.) Stop, twist, and imprint. (Laughs.) I had to spend a lot of time talking to Bill [Condon and Stephenie Meyer. "What exactly does imprinting even look like?" So I hope it comes across.


And in the panel, Lautner says Edward "gives me a nice punch after he finds out I imprinted on his daughter."

Meanwhile, everybody was full of praise — but no specifics — for the wedding scene. And you should expect to see lots of foreign vampires in quasi-S&M fashions.


The key thing Condon promises: the last half hour of Breaking Dawn part 1 is a full-on horror movie, from the wolf attack to the birth scene. It won't feel like a shmoopy romance, but a full-bore horror film. "Everything's really coming at you from all sides in the last 30 minutes of this movie."



After years of avoiding these books I finally read them. Verdict: Not that bad, not that great. Kind of fun. Really weird, which I always appreciate. Not bad enough to deserve allll the hate the fanboys throw it's way.

People just get a kick out of asserting that their sci-fi drug of choice is better than the next geek's. Also, eww girls at our conventions!

It gets old. Even though I don't love it, I still feel offended on Twilight fan's behalf. I wish folks could get over the fact that a writer and her fans have DARED to make changes to a vampire mythology that has always managed to find ways to reinvent itself on the order of once a century, or more recently once a decade.