New TV show tells the story of young Jim Gordon, before he met Batman

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At long last, the Batman universe is getting another live-action TV show — one without Batman in it. Gotham, from Rome/The Mentalist creator Bruno Heller, tells the origin story of Batman's friend Jim Gordon, along with Gotham City's worst villains.


According to Deadline, this show will not feature Batman, in much the same way that Smallville never showed Clark Kent becoming Superman. Rather, it'll cover the period before Bruce Wayne started his career in Gotham City. Fox won a bidding war to air this show from Warner Bros. TV, and Fox has already committed to produce the series — not even waiting until they've produced a pilot.

So brace yourself to see the dark gritty world of Gotham City on Fox next fall — and now for the speculation as to who plays Young Jim Gordon. [Deadline]

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Charlie Jane Anders

The real question is, what happens in Gotham season seven? When they've already told six years of stories about how screwed everyone is in Gotham without Batman. And everybody's getting older and the threats keep getting ramped up. Do they eventually introduce Batman? Does Bruce Wayne show up, but he never puts on the cowl? He just fights crime in a ski mask for years and years while occasionally saying "Maybe someday I'll figure out a better disguise." I'm really curious what they'll do if this show lasts as long as Smallville.