New True Detective Trailer Contains Fire, Scars, And Knives

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The first True Detective season two trailer dropped over a month ago, revealing the new cast and hinting at what’s to come when the show returns June 21. Now, we’ve got another sneak peek... including some Rust Cohle-esque philosophizing and WHOA NICE KNIFE SKILLS RACHEL MCADAMS!


“Sometimes your best self is your worst self,” indeed.



Question for Io9 staff:

Are you guys going to be doing main page recaps and discussions for Season 2, even if there isn’t going to be any hint of occult and supernatural concepts or themes this go around according to Nic Pizzolatto?

I hope you guys will ftr (since this place is my 1 stop shop for discussing things I enjoy), even if you need to evoke math and voodoo from Farrell’s stache to do so.