New Tron Legacy Picture Looks Like The Cyber-Rapture

Here's the big reveal from Tron Legacy's viral ad, which led fans on a mad chase through different arcades all over the world. Here we see a unitard-clad program doing his best "Head Towards The Light, Carol Anne" impression.


Miss Selector was the first person to show up at the Paris stop, and received a wallet, and mobile phone. In the wallet were codes. When she, along with all the other sleuths in various cities, entered the code, the picture above appeared. No idea what is the deal with the phone yet, but we'll let you know. Here's the bad ass wallet she got stuffed with Flynn backstory goodies. More pictures on her website.

We're sure this isn't the end of the viral marketing for Tron Legacy, and we'll keep you updated on whatever comes next. Let's hope those cell phones are a direct line to Jeff Bridges.

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