New Transformers Promos Reveal an Autobot With 'Robot Dementia' and Optimus Prime Embarrassing Himself Beyond Measure

Anthony Hopkins, mid-duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude. Image: Still via Youtube.

Transformers: The Last Knight looks like a bonkers film, but this clip is something else. I was a bit thrown by the Transformers butler, and thought that’d be the weirdest this clip gets, but then there’s a tank that turns into a British army officer transformer and Anthony Hopkins starts talking about robot dementia and then he says “Duuuuude.”

This clip aired during last night’s MTV awards, and it is a lot—a lot—to take in over the course of roughly 80 seconds. There’s the extremely British tank transformer who randomly opens fire at Mark Wahlberg (who I can’t stress enough plays a character named Cade Yaeger) and friends, before transforming from an old tank into a Transformer doing a strange, metallic cosplay of an old-timey British Army officer and going “MY BITS ARE FALLIN’ OFF” in an accent so stereotypical I would’ve expected a “cor blimey, guv’nah” within the next couple of sentences.

This, Sir Anthony intones, is due to the fact this Transformer suffers from “robot dementia,” which you’re not given a moment to contemplate the logistics of before realizing there’s a robot standing right next to Mark Wahlberg and Anthony Hopkins. I don’t remember it from any of the trailers but he got his own poster, and is apparently called Cogman. As you do.


Mark Wahlberg is clearly not having any of this shit, and as he’s about to leave Hopkins calls him duuuuuuude. This is Wahlberg’s face in reaction, which is totally understandable for the moment Sir Anthony Hopkins is in your face calling you a duuuuuuuude:

It’s strange, but also appropriate.

And then Hot Rod shows up to spit Laura Haddock’s character out from under its hood mid-transformation, and that is somehow the most normal moment of this entire clip. If that wasn’t enough, here’s a new promo of Optimus Prime trying to do a British accent, because between Anthony Hopkins, the castle, the robot butler, and the British Army Transformer, The Last Knight would really like you to know it shot some scenes in England.

I love it. Transformers: The Last Knight hits theaters June 23.


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