New Transformers 2 Pics Online

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Flying cars and an upset Shia? It must be new pictures from the set of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, offering carnage, vehicular damage and running actors. And there are new plot details. Spoilers assemble!

Illustration for article titled New Transformers 2 Pics Online
Illustration for article titled New Transformers 2 Pics Online

The images come from the latest issue of British movie magazine Empire, which also features Optimus Prime on the cover, looking as bad-ass as a computer generated robot can manage (plus bigger versions of these images).

USA Today, meanwhile, talked to LeBeouf and Megan Fox about what it's like to run for cover while the Decepticons haven't been digitally added yet:

During one scene shooting in New Mexico, Fox and LaBeouf flee an ancient temple while villainous Decepticons stomp and crush their way through a village in pursuit.

LaBeouf and Fox are supposed to run toward the line of tanks and soldiers blasting guns at the giant robots above and behind them — to be added later as digital effects.

Racing into gunfire is instinctively daunting, but the actors say it's easy to find motivation when enormous gasoline bombs and packs of dynamite are sending up walls of flame and clouds of debris behind them.

"It makes you run fast because you are genuinely terrified," Fox says, looking sun-baked and weary. "And you still feel blanks. With that many guns going off, you don't really know."

It requires an act of faith in the troops who are aiming machine guns toward them... "Not that we don't trust (special effects coordinator James D.) Schwalm and the boys," [LeBeouf says]. "But even an eyelash flying at you at 700 miles an hour will cut you. You're running past them, and your clearance is only about 10 feet. These dudes are moving, and if one trips or falls and we run into the muzzle of a blank, that could blow your chest open or burn you."

The newspaper also describes the plot of Michael Bay's second helping of heavy metal bayhem: Apparently, LeBeouf's Sam has learned some secret about the origin of the Transformers (Presumably including "The Fallen" of the title) that leads to the Decepticons wanting to capture him instead of killing him, and the Autobots, yet again, looking for a fight.

Some of the most important newcomers are in the robot cast: Decepticons Soundwave, a fearsome communications expert, and Devastator, whose arms and legs are built out of other Transformers. And on the Autobots' side is Jetfire, a villain whose age and broken-down physicality leads him to help the Autobots.


Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is released June 26th, 2009.

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