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Arsenal, the Atom, more Amanda Waller — these are just a few of the DC characters appearing in the upcoming season of Arrow. But we're also getting more of the Oliver-Felicity romance (Ollicity!), the return of Black Canary and... Oracle?!


First of all, "Oracle" s going to be the title of a Felicity flashback episode in season 3, looking at her college years. I guess it could be a misdirect, but as DC-packed as this season looks, I'm going to place my money that Arrow's gal Friday and resident computer whiz meets a kindred spirit named Barbara. In the present, Brandon Routh's Ray Plamer — a.k.a. the Atom in the comics — will arrive to potentially buy Queen Consolidated and definitely start a love-triangle with Ollie and Felicity. And what the hell is up with that show of Felicity covered in blood?!

As for the season proper, it will begin six months after the season 2 finale — with Roy as a full bow-carrying member of Team Arrow, and Thea still hanging out with her evil father Malcom Merlyn (played by the always welcome John Barrowman, now a series regular). Thea's whereabouts will be the first mystery the team tries to solve.


One other detail fans might enjoy: Those waiting for Laurel Lance to finally become Black Canary, and take the role currently held by her sister Sarah (who also returns this season on a very specific mission), good news. Here's what executive producer Andrew Kreisberg had to say on Laurel:

"She's an attorney with a nice, sweet jacket," Kreisberg says with a laugh. "We're going to see Laurel take a few big steps toward her comic book self this season. Let's just say that Katie Cassidy is pumping iron."

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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