New trailer for the "telekinetic lost dog" movie Wrong is so weird, it's right

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"I only realized I loved my face, after it had been burned with acid." Wait, what? In this trailer, Wrong appears to be a simple movie about a lost dog — but once Rubber director Quentin Dupieux is through, we imagine you'll lie huddled in the corner rocking yourself to sleep with either laughter or sobs. The reinging champ of "no really, what the fuck is this" is back with a very promising trailer for Wrong. In this madcap clip-show of lunacy, you can see telepathic connections to puppies, puppy shit and the vague fumes of David Lynch brilliance.

Here's the official synopsis:

WRONG / France (Director and screenwriter: Quentin Dupieux) - Dolph searches for his lost dog, but through encounters with a nympho pizza-delivery girl, a jogging neighbor seeking the absolute, and a mysterious righter of wrongs, he may eventually lose his mind… and his identity. Cast: Jack Plotnick, Eric Judor, Alexis Dziena, Steve Little, William Fichtner.


We'll be sure to keep tabs on Wrong as it makes its way through the Sundance Film Festival.

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