New Trailer For The Strain Reveals Unlife As A Vampiric Thrall Sucks

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(No pun intended.) If you thought the 30-second trailer for Guillermo del Toro and FX's adaptation of The Strain was creepy, this 90-second trailer... well... actually, I'd say it's probably exactly three times as creepy as the 30-second trailer. Some pretty basic math there.


I'll be doing the recaps for the show when it premieres on July 13th, and I was actually doing a touch of research while deciding whether to read the books the show is based on first or to come into it fresh. This is how I learned this wacky fact about The Strain's vampiric physiology, courtesy of its Wikipedia page:

Like rodents, a vampire is unable to vomit, its suction-based digestive process functioning only one way. All bodily waste is excreted from a single rectal orifice in the form of a pungent ammonia-based spray; a vampire will excrete for the entire duration of a feeding, purging old food as it consumes new blood.


Well. I'm very curious if this little detail is going to make it into the show. These vampires look terrifying, but it's going to be hard to stay scared of them if they fart cleaning spray every time they feed.

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Dammit. I was excited for this show and it turns out to be fucking Vampires.

I'm holding out a small bit of hope, though, because Del Toro usually finds a way to make "ordinary" monster archetypes into creepy ones. But I no longer have the same degree of anticipation for this show.