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When we saw The Lobster at Fantastic Fest, we fell in love with its bizarre, but fascinating premise: a dystopian world where people have to find a romantic partner in 45 days, otherwise they turn into an animal. The first trailer for the US release, set for March, is here, and now you can see the almost terrifying absurdity for yourself.


Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, The Lobster follows Farrell’s David after he checks in to a Hotel (fronted by Broadchurch’s Olivia Coleman) designed for single people to find suitors—and if they don’t do so in 45 days, they’re transformed into the animal (in David’s case, a Lobster) of their choice and freed into the wild. The premise is as weird as it sounds, but seeing it play out played completely straight is kind of strangely scary. There are jokes in the trailer, sure, but the whole, slightly morbid world (and its hatred of single people) is taken disconcertingly seriously, which makes it all the more fascinating.