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New trailer for "The Golden Phoenix" is hip hop kung fu fantasy craziness

Illustration for article titled New trailer for The Golden Phoenix is hip hop kung fu fantasy craziness

Basically there is nothing more sublime than this. RZA teams with Eli Roth to bring you hard core kung fu - set in "another world - where everybody fights!"


Here is the original trailer for the flick:

And now RZA has released a new trailer (below) for his movie, which has already been 10 years in the making. But he promises to release it soon.


According to Quiet Earth:

The hip hop icon says he made Golden Phoenix to prove to himself and Hollywood that he could be taken seriously as a director. He had some help from Eli Roth, who is billed as an executive producer for the film. The film also features several kung fu legends like Robert Tai, fight choreographer from the 1978 classic The Five Deadly Venoms. Golden Phoenix was made in the style of 1970's "Kung Fu Theater" – grainy shots, crazy sound effects and lots of dubbing. RZA is well known for his kung fu obsession; just listen to any Wu-Tang album. Now he's taken that vast knowledge of the genre to create "a world where everyone fights…and they're all fighting for one thing – the Wu Tang weapon."

RZA also has another Kung Fu film in the works, with Eli Roth, called The Man With The Iron Fists. It's possible that The Golden Phoenix will come out after that film does.

Here is the brand-new trailer for Golden Phoenix:

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Shaolin shadowboxing. And the Wu-Tang sword style. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and the Wu-Tang could be dangerous...