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New trailer for The Conjuring reveals how ineffective the 1970s versions of Ghostbusters were

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James Wan of Insidious jump scare fame is back with another horror movie, The Conjuring. The first trailer was scary as hell, the second fleshes out the story a bit more. Looks like we're dealing with a vintage Ghostbusters gang. Take a look.


We've been sufficiently scared enough by Wan to know that this movie is most likely going to be impossible to watch alone. Can't wait.


The Conjuring will hit theaters on July 19th.

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I never got why io9 was so enamored with Insidious. It was an above-average horror movie, but nothing really grouundbreaking. And it wasn't scary- but then I can count the movies that scared my adult self on the fingers of one hand (Misery, Carrie, Poltergeist, The Exorcist, Silence of the Lambs)

People who loved Insisious to bits, care to explain why?