New Trailer For Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Shows Why It's Still The Best

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Arguably the greatest scifi film ever made, 2001: A Space Odyssey is getting a theatrical re-release in the U.K. (not the U.S. — for now, at least) and thus has earned this incredible new trailer. And it's so goddamned good it makes all other science fiction movies look pitiful in comparison.


Seriously! The Dissolve pointed this out first, but imagine 2001 was a new movie that was about to come out and you saw this trailer for it. You'd be dying to see it. Hell, we loved the last Interstellar trailer — loved it — but there's no comparison. 2001 makes Interstellar look like the 1995 Lost in Space movie. I know it's unfair to compare pretty much any modern filmmaker to Stanley Kubrick, but damn.


It is an awesome trailer. If you compress all the compelling visuals and music of that film into less than two minutes, it feels like quite a ride. But I'm still not convinced it's worth 2.5 hours of viewing the actual film for those moments.

Bring on the hate.