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Didn't think any more money or plot juice could possibly be squeezed out of the Paranormal Activity franchise? Well, think again! In the new trailer for Paranormal Activity 4, it's all the same ghostly gags, but now with a very young girl wearing small shorts! And we're all uncomfortable!


PA4 technically picks up where the second movie left off, as the third film was an origin story (and actually pretty good). Katie killed her husband, and her sister's family and made off with their baby Hunter. Now she and Hunter (now named Robbie) have resurfaced to bring more hell to eggshell-painted condos throughout America. But I think the real sticking point here is that all of these found footage movies are "found."

The origin story was a collection of VHS tapes, the original was also all supposedly in the cameras and computers found at the scene — so how the hell is this footage captured? What person records all of their nonsense Skype sessions? Is this a teenage thing that we're just too old to understand? Mayhaps. Ah well, nothing will ever top the rotating-camera-on-a-fan gag from PA3. PA4 will hit theaters on October 19.

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