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So why exactly does Guy Pearce have to go a prison in space and rescue the president's daughter from a prison riot, in the Luc Besson-produced Lockout? This new U.S. trailer explains everything, including the fact that it's all some one-eyed Scottish bloke's fault.

Apparently this film, whose title was changed to MS One: Maximum Security in Europe, is still being called Lockout in the U.S. Which seems like a good title, honestly. And this new trailer makes it clear the film will be beyond cheesy. Just listen to the guy telling the president that there's only one man who can get his daughter out: "Snow. He's the best there is. But he's a loose cannon."


So this is one of those trailers where it's basically the entire movie, condensed down to 2 minutes and change. In a nutshell, One-Eyed Scottish Bloke is a prisoner aboard the space prison, until he gets a gun and stages a prison break. And the president's daughter is coincidentally on board the prison "on a good will mission." Like you do. And meanwhile, Snow (Guy Pearce) is a motorcycle-riding, shit-detonating badass who's so slick, he can basically steal Wolverine's tagline. They tell Snow to rescue the First Daughter, and he's all like, "I'm thrilled that you would think of me." Then we see him spacediving in a space suit into the prison, which is a genuinely awesome shot. And after a series of Mission Impossible-style diving into wind tunnel moments, he finds the Prez's daughter, and now he just has to get her out. Too bad Evil Scottish Bloke finds out about her and announces that she's the convicts' "meal ticket." Prison mayhem ensues.

It looks ridiculously fun, and not at all to be taken seriously for a second. Just our kind of movie. [IGN]