Here is the longest Judge Dredd: Superfiend trailer yet, along with a lot of footage of Judge Death just going bananas on the citizens of Mega-City One.

For those of you unaware, creator Adi Shankar, who introduces the trailer, made this unofficial "departure" of the Dredd world for fun, and we think it's great. This comic is so weird it's almost perfect for a totally warped animated series. The actual miniseries will be released on October 27th. But until then, here's a list of titles to get you excited about who we're gonna see in Mega-City One!

  • Episode 1: Judge Sydney
  • Episode 2: The Angel Gang
  • Episode 3: Judge Death
  • Episode 4: Rico & Vienna
  • Episode 5: In Death We Trust
  • Episode 6: Dredd Vs. Death