New toy images reveal the new Dinobot line-up in Transformers 4

The interior of toy packaging is rarely where people go to get their movie scoops, but a leaked shot of the inside material of a Transformers: Age of Extinction product box reveals the movie's Dinobots in their dinosaur modes — and that Grimlock and pals have updated their ranks for the new movie.


Thanks to weibo user HarryHuo, you can see Grimlock the tyrannosaurus, as well as Slag the triceratop, both from the original cartoons. Based on the previously revealed Dinobot names, I think we can guess that Snarl, who was originally a stegosaurus, is the spinosaurus featured on the packaging, while Strafe is likely the pteradon formally known as Swoop, and Slash is the velociraptor who was introduced in Beast Wars. Alas, no sign of Sludge the brontosaurus — chances are herbivores just weren't X-treme enough for Mr. Bay.

[Via Seibertron]

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