New Total Recall trailer includes the all-important three-breasted sex worker

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There's been one question fans have had about the new Total Recall movie since it was greenlit. Not, "Will this film make me question the nature of reality and whether people are the sum of their memories?" But rather, "Will there still be a sex worker with three breasts?" (As we've covered in the past, this is an essential element of many great science fiction sagas.)


Now, you need wonder no longer. The latest trailer for Total Recall (above) includes a sassy lady who promises Colin Farrell, "You're going to wish you had three hands." Also, Kate Beckinsale is pretty great in the Sharon Stone role, even doing a similar aerobics-based attack on Farrell, and quipping, "What can I say? I give good wife." It looks like it'll be closer to Paycheck than to one of the top tiers of Philip K. Dick movies, but it still could be a fun romp. Watch the trailer in HD at Yahoo! Movies.

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Robot Downey Junior

Ok, there is suggestion of said boob cubed, but no actual trip-nip... What gives? I thought society's standards had dropped below the gutter, yet it seems Puritan America wants to deny me sci-fi boobage. No fair, with modern CGI, I was expecting something better than the original's prosthetic cleavage a trois...