New Total Recall footage shows off its big bad, Bryan Cranston

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How different will the new Total Recall reboot be from Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger's classic Mars mystery? The answer is "entirely." At least that's what we got from the few glimpses of new footage screened at New York Comic Con.


Director Len Wiseman popped by the New York Comic Con (via pre-recorded video) to show off some brand new, never-before-seen, definitely not screened at San Diego Comic Con footage. Sadly, the bulk of the footage was the Rekall Center spa visit that we were shown in July. But just after the violet brain jack (or was it?) the audience was bombarded with oodles of new footage, and holy hell, is this slick bitch a horse of a different color. In fact, it's more of a shiny robot horse who knows kung-fu. This is what we noticed:

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- Future cars everywhere! You've seen the countless Total Recall set shots with Jessica Biel (Melina) and Colin Farrell (Quaid) smashing into other futuristic cars, well now we got to see them in action. It was short but it felt very Minority Report, what with fast, possibly flying cars that could drive on the top and the bottom of a bridge.

- Girl fights! Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale are seen slapping each other for a brief moment but most of the lady time in this "trailer" was dedicated to Beckinsale. She's seen kissing Quaid, kicking Quaid, getting all sultry in a dark apartment, pointing a gun right at Quaid's head, and storming down a white hallway in black leather (very reminiscent of Vader's entrance in Star Wars A New Hope).

But the biggest thrill was watching Bryan Cranston's first appearance as Vilos Cohaagen. Sporting a suit with some sort of flak jacket, Cranston leers at Quaid and says something about how Quaid's memory or mind isn't the most reliable thing. It was hard to hear over all the screaming, although it was still pretty bad-ass. After all was said and done, you could tell this was a slick future with heaps of fighting. It's absolutely nothing like Verhoeven's past work, but hopefully that won't be a bad thing.


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And yet... the big question is: Do we get the 3 (or perhaps more) tits?