New Torchwood trailer promises crazy flashbacks and Gwen's biggest bang yet

In case you worried that Torchwood: Miracle Day has used up its supply of shocks and big action scenes, the new trailer we just watched at San Diego Comic-Con proves otherwise. Torchwood's supply of crazy is as inexhaustible as human life.


We also have a slew of new clips from next week's episode!

Spoilers ahead...

It appears that another nasty secret from Captain Jack's life will come to light soon, and maybe it'll turn out he has a secret connection with the Miracle. Meanwhile, Gwen is taking matters into her own hands — blowing shit up and then riding off on her motorcycle. Awesome! This show will make Gwen fans of us yet.

And here are a ton of clips (with random weird blackouts in the middle, sorry) from next week's episode four:

In the Torchwood: Miracle Day panel, John Barrowman revealed that Children of Earth, the previous miniseries was "written in such a way that it wasn't coming back." But he was a vocal advocate for continuing the show, especially after its huge success in its third season. "They'd be stupid not to." And luckily, Starz believed in the show and gave it the budget to do this huge storyline.

Bill Pullman talked, in the panel and in the press roundtables afterward, about receiving the first three scripts for Miracle Day. He only needed to read the first couple of episodes before he knew he wanted to do it. He received those scripts last Christmas, and he felt like this was his Christmas present. He praised the direction of the series in the later episodes, saying "As it kept going, it got better and better. The thing I was concerned about was that it wouldn't come to a close, but it did." He praised the season's strong ending.

Stuff to look forward to: Says writer Jane Espenson, "If you've been feeling hungry for dark chocolate and you've been getting milk chocolate, wait for episode five. It's dark and delicious." Episode seven is a very personal episode focusing on Gwen and Jack, in which we learn a lot more about their relationship, and it's not what you're expecting. "Russell T. Davies said episode seven was a gift for everything we'd done as Torchwood," says John Barrowman. "That's a major major one, quite heavy and shocking."


We also get a scene later on, which gives us insight into why Rex is the way he is, which will make us feel sorry for him. And eventually, he and the Torchwood veterans come to respect each other.

The show will continue to delve into the big picture and make you think about the way the world is, says Espenson. "This is a show that's not just about characters, it's about ideas, in the way that science fiction has legitimate ideas shaping the show. Think of the big picture as you're watching this."


Everybody on the Torchwood panel was super excited about the idea of doing another season over here, if Miracle Day does well — and in press roundtables, Alexa Havins indicated she'd be happy to be back as Esther Drummond. "We would all love to be doing Torchwood for another five, six seasons," said Barrowman.


Nathan Ford's Evil Twin

I just finished watching episode 3, and let me just say that season four is the best yet. Seriously, it's awesome. I especially love Rex Matheson, who's so no nonesense to the point of near parody it's ridiculous. And I love the little bit of Torchwood logic that insists that Jack shags a random man while Rex and doctor-girl get it on. We don't want this show to become too straight.