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Torchwood: Children of Earth, premiering tonight in the UK, may be a new format for a darker Torchwood, but it's still the series we've come to love, according to one of the show's producers.


SFX Magazine talked to producer Peter Bennett about what's different - and what's the same - about the third season of the British sex-and-aliens drama:

We actually take this series on a darker journey, if anything. But Children Of Earth is still the same show. Jack is still as cheeky and irreverent and sexy. Telling one big story meant that the story had more scale and reach than we ever had in series two, but no, nothing's changed... When we set out we did initially think it would be nice to go down the kind of Bourne Identity route, make it very thriller-like. But after our first couple of tone meetings it was evident that actually that wasn't the way that Russell saw it. Although between Euros [Lyn, the director] and I we did try and put a certain amount of our stamp on it, at the end of the day, as Russell said, it's still gotta be Torchwood. It's still got to be fun-packed; yes, it can be thrilling, but it's still got to have the real Torchwood feel.


Does that mean that at least one of the episodes will be a distinct let-down and kind of embarrassing to watch for everyone involved? It wouldn't be Torchwood without that happening.

Children of Earth launches tonight in the UK on BBC One, and July 20th in the US on BBC America.

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