New Tick Clip Shows What Hurts the Big Blue Superhero

Image: The Tick, Amazon
Image: The Tick, Amazon

In past iterations, Ben Edlund’s imposing antennaed superhero has referred to himself as nigh-invulnerable. It generally seems like not very much can hurt him. But he’s feeling the pain in this fresh teaser for the upcoming Amazon series.

This clip comes via Entertainment Weekly and features the Tick facing off against Overkill, the gruff, lethally violent vigilante who wants Arthur’s super-suit. (The Tick and Overkill are played by Peter Serafinowicz and Scott Speiser, respectively.) The Tick’s not going to let anybody hurt his little buddy, though, and starts mixing it up with Overkill. A surprising amount of discomfort ensues for the big guy, but you’ll have to wait to see how the fight ends until The Tick starts airing on Amazon Prime next week.

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All the trailers I’d seen on the interwebs and the cinemas and the like made this show look very loud and brazen and I was kind of put off by that.

Finally bit the bullet and gave the pilot a chance the other week and I’m so glad I did. This show is likely gonna be pretty darn great. Thanks for the clip!