New Thor clip unleashes the Destroyer!

Watch Jaimie Alexander, who plays the very badass Norse warrior Sif, take on Asgard's killing machine, The Destroyer in a new Thor clip. Plus, get a little glimpse at Ray Stevenson as Volstagg of the Warriors Three!

Here is the full interview with Jaimie Alexander from Jimmy Kimmel Live. You may remember her as Jessi XX from ABC Family's Kyle XY. Not only is she lovely, but the lady has some sick spear moves. We hope to see more of her in the Marvel future!


Thor will be in theaters May 6th.


Jack B. Quick

May 6th?! It opened in Norway yesterday. Really weird as the comics character is incredibly obscure over here, but his mythological alter ego being regarded as a national treasure probably has something to do with it, I guess. We usually have to wait awhile for bigtime Hollywood stuff, unless there is a worldwide premiere. Mediocre to decent reviews in the press.