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New The Force Awakens Feature Teases Out Rey's Background

Illustration for article titled New iThe Force Awakens /iFeature Teases Out Reys Background

A new short featurette for Star Wars: The Force Awakens focuses on Rey, and what actress Daisey Ridley thinks people will be drawn to in her character. The clip shows off a couple of new clips along with it.

19 days until The Force Awakens.


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Kylo, Rey and Finn were Jedi Younglings- studying under Luke. The Jedi academy is attacked and one child is taken to be raised as a Dark Jedi (Kylo), one is taken and raised to be a Stormtrooper (Finn) and the other is shuttled away and hidden on a desert planet. They were young and have no memory of each other or their Jedi training.

After the attack a hurt (or dying) Luke gives Anakin’s lighsaber to R2 to deliver at a pre-determined point in the future as a subconscious signal for the former students to reunite-that’s my theory.