New Terminator starts over from scratch, and picks up a Mission Impossible 4 producer

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The next Terminator movie has been in limbo since Megan Ellison first won the bidding war to take over the rights. And now, she's ready to move ahead. According to Deadline, Ellison who has produced movies such as The Master and Zero Dark Thirty, has finally completed the purchase of the Terminator rights from Pacificorp (who nabbed the rights when Halcyon filed for bankruptcy shortly after Terminator Salvation).


The deal has changed a little now — instead of three Terminator movies, Ellison will only make two, because there's less time left before the rights revert to James Cameron in 2019. Also, her brother David Ellison (of Mission: Impossible–Ghost Protocol Star Trek Into Darkness and G.I. Joe 2 fame) will be joining the production as co-producer. And the Ellisons are currently looking for a screenwriter to come up with a fresh new take on the series. Fingers crossed!

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YAY! More terrible terminator films to go witht he two terrible films and the superfluous TV series we already have!

And by superfluous I mean shit. Its time for the internet to accept that and move on.