New Terminator Aims To Outdo Sarah Connor With Time Travel Insanity

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By the end of this year, it's not just Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles that'll be giving you a regular dose of time-traveling killer robot versus determined mom carnage - Dynamite Entertainment are bringing their version of the Terminator franchise back, written by Transformers writer Simon Furman and with enough cross-time antics that your head may explode. Are you ready for Terminators in the future trying to kill a teenaged Reece before we goes back in time to get Sarah Connor pregnant with John Connor?Dynamite's Terminator comics are based on the Terminator 2 movie (as opposed to IDW's comics, which are based on the upcoming Terminator: Salvation; Dark Horse have also published comics, but they're based on the original movie. So far, no comics are based on the television show, and everyone would rather that Terminator 3: Judgement Day didn't exist), giving writer Furman the chance to play with a lot of mechanical toys. Talking to Comic Book Resources, he explained just some of the protagonists from the December-launching Terminator: Revolution:

Dynamite’s instruction to me when we were kicking ideas for 'Revolution' around was pretty much 'go wild.' So I did. The T-Infinity really gets to strut its stuff, and pretty much is the spur for everything that happens in the series. Then the Dire Wolf (the epitome of a Hunter-Killer in every sense of the phrase) gets into the mix, and takes on all-comers, humans, other Terminators, other Hunter-Killers — even, ultimately, the T-Infinity. Oh, and then there are the eight T-850s running around in 1996! Eight! ...In a way, Sarah [Connor] fulfills the same role she does in the Terminator movies and in 'The Sarah Connor Chronicles,' but then we throw her a curve that really puts her through an emotional mill, like never before. She really has some weird stuff to deal with. Kyle is a teenager (there or thereabouts) going through growing pains in ‘Revolution,’ wondering why his ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ keep, in his own words, 'wrapping him in cotton wool.' And like any teenager, he’s going to rebel, in a big way. Of course, if anything happens to Kyle it’s game over — no John, no Resistance, Skynet wins. That’s how big the stakes are in 'Revolution.'


If you think that that sounds like Furman is aiming high with his new series, he'd agree with you:

Something happens in issue #1 that throws events in 2015 together with events in 1996, in a strange and hopefully unexpected way. We’re kind of playing around here with people’s expectations of how, in general structure terms, things happen in Terminator stories. I’m pretty sure what we’ve done has never been done before in any of the various Terminator media, so my feeling is it will really excite readers.


Something that's never been done before in any Terminator story? I'm hoping that it'll include pacifist Terminators teleporting back to 1967 and sparking the summer of love. Furman on Making Dynamite's Terminator Revolutionary [Comic Book Resources]

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"(and everyone would rather that Terminator 3: Judgement Day didn't exist), "

I wouldnt.

Great film, good humour and a kick-arse ending.