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The creator that makes me most optimistic about the fourth Terminator movie isn't the director, McG, or even the star, Christian Bale. It's the production designer, Martin Laing. If you saw City Of Ember, then you already venerate Laing's attention to detail and the raw ambition that made that underground city a real place. Now a new featurette showcases his design work for Terminator Salvation, and it's honestly breathtaking. And quite spoilery. Terminator 4 is a "war movie," Laing says with obvious glee. His excitement at creating a believable post-apocalyptic world comes through, not just in his voice, but also in all the paintings of the ruined landscape that he's created. The images of L.A. falling apart and being overrun by nature reminds me of the vision of post-plague New York that I Am Legend production designer David Lazan told me about when that film came out. There are no fewer than 10 new Terminators in this film, and Laing and company have obviously thought really carefully about exactly where Skynet's minions would be in their evolution during this time period. There's no need for the Terminators to appear human, so they show up in various forms, including the giant Transformers-esque Harvester, the motorcycle Moto-Terminators, and the underwater versions, which you can see snapping at John Connor in a brief clip. And then there's the T-600, the more primitive version of Arnie's T-800 - which looks convincingly brutish and horrible. We also glimpse the (not surprisingly) depressing underground lair of the resistance against Skynet. And then there are the battle scenes, including our first real look at Sam Worthington and Anton Yelchin in action. ("Come with me if you want to live." Ouch.) All in all, I'm pretty convinced that whether Terminator 4 is a smart movie or a particularly memorable one, it'll be gorgeous. I'm also more pumped up than ever to see Laing's work on James Cameron's Battle Angel, allegedly coming in 2011.