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New TDTESS Clips Show Keanu's Klaatu Is Kind Of A Dick

Illustration for article titled New TDTESS Clips Show Keanus Klaatu Is Kind Of A Dick

Extraterrestrial elitism is the worst kind of alien domination, especially when the alien in question has shown up because we humans have mismanaged the place so poorly. MTV has a couple of new clips from The Day The Earth Stood Still remake, and they show Keanu lecturing the stoopid humans for being so mean to mother nature. But guess who's not going to take it? Will Smith's little boy Jaden — because if there's one thing he learned from his poppa, it's how to punch out an alien. The videos await you below.


Klaatu Is Kind Of A Dick

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"We Should Stay And Fight"


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

The Day The Earth Stood Still opens in theaters on December 12.


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I will ignore this film for the stupid YARM (yet another remake) that it is.

I love this film and Forbidden Planet and War Of The worlds and now I get to watch Hollywood destroy the 3 films i have watched many times since I first saw them in the early 1960's.

Get A Life and think up something new !!!!