New Surrogates Video Peels Back The Fleshy Robot Skin For Further Investigation

The future is bright for lazy homebodies and their robot avatars. Jonathan Mostow's movie adaptation of the graphic novel Surrogates has just released some violent robot footage, complete with hot Bruce Willis wig action.

In the Surrogates future, we all get to sit on La-Z-Boys while our robot servants, who look just like us except cuter, run our errands, work our jobs and even go to raves (which are apparently trendy again). Willis plays a detective, who's investigating a rash of robotic Avatar murders, and he'll appear both as himself and (wearing a wig) as his Avatar. Who is behind these murders? And can citizens survive outside on their own, if they even want to?


So what do you think? Is it a little too shiny? The comic appears to be a wee bit darker. Is anyone else getting a Fifth Element feel from this first glimpse of Mostow's movie?

Surrogates will be released in theaters on September 25.


I'm not too satisfied with that face peal. I mean the slab of latex does not look nearly capable of all the face like action we see. That face slab would have to have anchor points on the skull below, etc. They're off on a plausible level of detail here by an order of magnitude...