New Surrogates Trailer Reveals Bruce Willis' Poor Self Image

In the Surrogates' movie future, we'll all have beautiful robot versions of ourselves trotting outside doing our bidding, whilst we stay plugged into the machine from home. You gotta love that Willis' perfect version of himself has blond lady-locks.

I guess the next natural question would be, what would you change... and would you be able to trust any robot you met for spur-of-the-moment alley sex? Does it matter? Will this movie be any good? All important questions, to be answered this Fall.


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Newton's Law

Ok...Lemme ask this:

Why do movies constantly demonize the idea of robots and technology? Why is the future such a fearful place?

Yes, there are inherent risks associated with anything, but I don't believe that anything but good can come of exploring how technology can improve our lives. Not that I have any problem with the Terminator movies (love them)—but seriously... can't hollywood inspire people to explore possibility as opposed to inciting fear of it?

The future is an amazing place... and fear of the unknown is only slowing our ability to get there.