New Superman movie toys shows off General Zod and his big, new weapon

A pair of Man of Steel toy commercials may have just leaked out more information than intended about the film's plot. Spoilers ahead.

First up, take a look at the possible pallor of Superman's Kryptonian nemesis, General Zod. We're not entirely sure if this is exactly what director Zack Snyder made Michael Shannon look like, or if it's something he transforms into over time, or if it's simply a toy with zero resemblance to the film Zod.

Two other details are released in this toy trailer as well. One, that Zod might have a robot army Superman has to fight. And two, he also has a "Black Zero Spaceship," which we had heard rumors about in the past. More interestingly, the Black Zero has a gravity beam, which Zod uses to attack Earth. Could this be the big climax of the movie? Perhaps. Only time (or maybe more toy commercials) will tell.

[Via Bleeding Cool]

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Hit Bull Win Steak

so based on these commercials my first ridiculous assumption about the film is that Superman just purposely crashes into a lot of crap.

Also, Billy Corgan is apparently playing Zod.