New storyboards show just how cosmic Captain America will get

A batch of storyboards from Marvel's next comic book blockbuster Captain America have been released, and within each little black-and-white box are a few very ultra magical spoilers. Here's what we learned.


Artist Martin Asbury, has released a few panels from his work on Captain America. Now, we can not be certain if these storyboards made it into the final cut, but if you're familiar with your Captain America origin story, it seems likely some version of this story will make it into the movie. View the rest of the storyboards at Asbury's site.

As you can see, this scene appears to be the big climactic showdown between Captain America and his evil nemesis, the Red Skull. The villain appears to be possessed by a cosmic power which causes him to visualize the nine realms (established in the earlier film Thor). This magical power is presumably the cosmic cube, which we already know is in Captain America from released images and the clip shown at comic con. So clearly Red Skull is messing with some very big powers right now. But that's not all! If you remember Captain America's icy future this is the very Bomber he rides right before he's trapped in ice for decades.


And now we're wondering if the cosmology unveiled in Thor will be fleshed out in all the Marvel movies to come, including The Avengers.

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