New still from Ender's Game reveals what fuels that baby genius army

Illustration for article titled New still from emEnders Game/em reveals what fuels that baby genius army

Gavin Hood's Ender's Game has released a brand new still showing off the many screened walls of the Battle School's cafeteria. Check out the big board behind the kiddies' lunches — looks like it's displaying the winnings of the day. Also check it out, it looks like the character Dink Meeker is wearing a Salamander patch, which could mean that some plotlines around Dink and his journey have been stripped for the film.

Thanks for the tip, Thomas Dickerson!

[via Ender's Ansible]

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Gosh, I wish we weren't putting more money in that psycho bigot, OSC's pocket, but I'm so ridiculously excited for this movie. I'm so torn.