New Steven Universe Trailer Teases an All-Out Diamond War

Steven and the Diamonds in action on Homwworld.
Image: Cartoon Network
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Though Steven him recently got a chance to escape all the action on Homeworld, the latest trailer for Cartoon Network’s next big Steven Universe event, “Battle of Heart and Mind,” is a promise that when the show returns in a few weeks, the battle’s back on and the stakes are raised.


With the other Crystal Gems poofed after their last fight with Yellow and Blue Diamond, Steven and Connie are more or less trapped on Homeworld all by themselves. And after their most recent slip-up in front of White Diamond’s Pearl, the gloves are coming off. After millennia of waiting for Pink Diamond to return home, the other Diamonds are through playing nice and are going to war.

“Battle of Heart and Mind” hits Cartoon Network on January 21.

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Julie Muncy

Is it wrong that my first reaction is, “Finally!”?