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The hate for the Star Wars prequels is vociferous and seemingly unending, but a new documentary wants to go back to the movies and re-examine if they were ever worth the anger... and maybe get you to reconsider your opinion on them.


The Prequels Strike Back seeks to re-examine the prequel trilogy after years of loud, wailing rage about how they destroyed childhoods across the world and how, for better or worse, they’ve influenced Star Wars fandom in the modern era. The prequels are certainly flawed films, yes, but were they ever worthy of the intense vitriol lobbed at them?

It’s certainly a noble intent, given decades of anger these films (some deserved, some undeserved) have inspired across swathes of fans. Whether or not it will challenge anyone to reconsider their thoughts on the films remains to be seen, but still, this trailer looks like a set-up for a fascinating documentary.


The Prequels Strike Back: A Fan’s Journey will be available digitally from Amazon, Youtube, and VHX on September 14th.

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