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There's a rumor floating around that George Lucas wants to produce another Star Wars trilogy, with Stephen Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola directing. Also it's raining ice cream, Firefly is back, and I can fly.


This rumor stems from MarketSaw which claims that the next trilogy hopes to shoot in stereoscopic 3D. But that's not all: George Lucas isn't going to direct. He'll produce, and he hopes that Steven Spielberg and/or Francis Ford Coppola will direct.

Don't get too excited, though: MarketSaw says this massive undertaking all depends on how well Avatar does at the box office. That's right, Avatar's success decides whether new Star Wars lives or dies. Because clearly a brand new movie and a long-established, money-printing franchise are the same thing. But they're both in space so what the hell, it's like the same thing right?


This wouldn't at all be about promoting Avatar, would it? I can see the PR meeting now, "I know let's tell the space nerds if they watch Avatar they'll get more Star Warszes, that'll get 'em in the theaters!" Sounds like somebody is whispering nonsense to drum up Avatar excitement, and you know how these things carry like a game of telephone.

AICN got a denial of the whole thing rather quickly from Lucasfilms, but even they are quick to point out that Lucasfilms would be the last place to confirm anything like this. That said, I do think we could be getting a Star Wars re-release many years in the future with 3D — but a whole new trilogy? Most likely, no.

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