New Star Trek Trailer Offers Topless Uhura And Fun Scotty

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While the rest of the world has to wait until Friday's release of new Bond movie Quantum Of Solace to see the new trailer for JJ Abrams' Star Trek, two fans have been lucky - or sneaky - enough to catch an early glimpse, and they're promising something fast-paced, exciting... and, in the case of Uhura, apparently naked. Read on to find out what you'll only be missing for the next four days.Reporting in to Ain't It Cool News, the fans both said that the trailer starts with a flashback to the youth of a certain James Tiberius Kirk before the fun starts:

We start out with a muscle car tearing ass down a dirt road. Eventually it careens off a cliff, but not before the driver jets himself out - he's a young boy, couldn't be older than 11. Suddenly what I can only describe as a space-cop asks him, "what is your name sir?" The young boy replies, "James Tiberius Kirk." Then Chris Pine takes over as we see him being angsty, driving down the road on a motorcycle. We hear some voice over from someone else that confirms his angst saying things like, "You've never really been happy have you?" and etc. Then we see him drive up what looks like a smelting factory - probably more of that ship construction we got in the earlier trailer.

From there, we're treated to a series of fast cuts introducing the band one more time:

Several quick cuts are shown of space ships firing at one another and people being thrown about the bridge of whatever ship they're suppose to be in. We see crew members running down bright white corridors as another voice over with a Scottish accent says, "I'm having fun!" We then see a close-up of what had to be a young(er) Dr. McCoy with about a weeks worth of black stubble on his face and his arms crossed in that oh so familiar Bones manner saying angrily, "Space isn't suppose to be fun, it's aliens and phasers and death!" We also see a woman in silhouette (Uhura?) pulling off her top and scenes of the crew running to man their battle stations on a bridge. We then see a bunch of battle shots of space ships being hit by phaser fire and pieces being blown off of them while engine nacels explode before it all ends with the familar Star Fleet logo against a black background and we hear the familar Star Trek opening c[h]ords played over it and the release date appears underneath.


Personally, I'm excited, but I'm an easy-sell for this kind of thing. Still: Scotty having fun? Bones being grouchy? Explosions? I'm all for inventing a time machine to take me to next May already. A Couple Of Spies Weigh In On The Brand-New STAR TREK Trailer!! [Ain't It Cool News]

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I advise taking reports from AICN with a rather liberal amount of salt. Their track record is, shall we say, notorious for inaccuracy. And for being studio shills, but that's another topic (*cough* Harry sez Godzilla is the most bestest movie evah! *cough*).