Never mind the potential male pill: Sex science has invented a spray that'll cure the problem of premature ejaculation, as long as you don't mind burning sensations or rashes. And wash it off quickly afterwards.

The spray, currently given the catchy name PSD502, is a local anaesthetic that you're supposed to spray onto the penis five minutes before sex so that you've got more time to let that numbing sensation really kick in. The British Medical Journal reports on recent tests:

After penetration, men (or their partners) used a stopwatch to time how long it took them to ejaculate. Before treatment, men lasted an average of 36 seconds. After using the spray, men were able to have sex for 3 minutes 48 seconds, on average. But men who were given a placebo spray barely improved, lasting an average of 1 minute 6 seconds. When men were asked about their enjoyment of sex, those using the spray said they had more control and got more sexual satisfaction than before.

A few men got a rash on their penis after using the spray, or struggled to keep their erection. Some of the partners of men who used the spray said they got a burning sensation in their vagina.


Am I the only person a little worried by the vague terms "a few" and "some" in there? Or, for that matter, the whole idea of spraying your dick with local anaesthetic in the first place? Although, if the current widespread tests go well, I look forward to people discovering new and more inventive uses for the spray.

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