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If we had a superhero for every mutually contradictory plot synopsis we've read for George Miller's Justice League movie, we'd have enough for three super-teams. But the latest League plot info supposedly comes from a casting notice, and sounds just dumb enough to be real. We also have spoilers for Wolverine, Lost and Torchwood. Plus a preview of Joss Whedon's next issue of Runaways.

  • A new casting notice for the delayed Justice League movie makes the plot sound even stranger than earlier versions. In this version, Superman has been killed by Doomsday, the monster from outer space that killed him in the comics. And Batman gets tossed out of the League for being a pointy-headed control freak. So the movie is about second-stringers Green Arrow and Green Lantern forming a meaner, greener JLA. [Cinemablend]
  • The mutants making cameos in the Wolverine movie may include high-profile ones like Deadpool and Gambit, but also minor-leaguers like The Blob and Beak. And we may get (shudder) flashbacks to Wolvie's childhood. [IGN]
  • On Lost, someone we've "gotten to know fairly well" is going to die soon, actor Michael Emerson told Barbara Walters. [DocArzt]
  • Sounds like that Torchwood rumor we posted before, about Owen becoming the Weevil King, is coming true. Which does not sound good. In episode seven, Jack takes "drastic steps" to bring Owen back from the dead, but opens the doorway for "a terrifying evil" in the process. And the Weevils crown a new king. And then in the following episode, Owen is tormented by his "new circumstances," while a missing alien device threatens to kill everyone. [CoolSciFi]
  • There are rumors that a new girl will be taking over as The Spoiler, the superhero whose whole superpower is giving away other people's plots. (The Spoiler used to date Robin, then replaced him, then died horribly and pointlessly. She should really be the mascot of Morning Spoilers.) [Midnight City]
  • Monday's Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles sees Brian Austin Green fighting for his life and having flashbacks to life in 2037. Meanwhile, Sarah has some explaining to do to her ex. [WatchTerminatorChronicles]
  • A new preview went online for Joss Whedon's newest issue of Runaways. It's been so long since the previous issue that it's all a bit blurry. But the exciting development is that when Xavin loses control, she reverts to her girl self... making that the real her! Here are the preview pages, but unfortunately they popped up backwards. Read the last one first (the one with the big black space and all the text) and they'll make sense. [ComicBookResources]

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