New Snowpiercer trailer sets up Tilda Swinton as the Big Bad

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Whether the States will ever see the original director's cut of Bong Joon-ho's Snowpiercer, or only the hacked up version The Weinstein Company wants to screen, only time will tell. But the drama hasn't dampened our excitement for Tilda Swinton's lunatic villainess, highlighted in this new international trailer.


The theatric release date for Snowpiercer is still muddled, however. The Film Stage has noted that is now taking pre-orders for March 26th release of the Blu-ray. The full cut, allegedly.

[Via Slashfilm]


Here's keeping fingers crossed that the Music Box in Chicago (or similar venues in your neck of the woods) get the original film someday. If I even hear rumors of such in town I'll wait to see it there before watching a full-cut Bluray.
Whatever the format, I will see Bong's cut or I will not see it at all. The latter would be a hell of a shame. I've been looking forward to Snowpiercer for almost twp years now.