New Snake Eyes GI Joe Clip Reminds Us Of The Talking Ninja That Could Have Been

The one saving grace of the G.I. Joe flick has always been, and always will be Snake Eyes. You can't mess up that kind of bad assedness, right? Unless they went with the original idea for a TALKING Snake Eyes.

Remember when the rumors that Snake Eyes would have a final one-liner spoken zinger at the end of the film? In this new clip, you can see his lips almost, sort of, make a silent scream — or maybe it's just our imagination — but we immediately thought of the talking Snake Eyes that was rumored to appear in this Joe.

Thank god that never came to fruition, because in this new clips Snake Eyes is just the way we like him: silent and unstoppable. I'm actually looking forward to a live-action Snake Eyes, as long as he doesn't put on one of those ridiculous power suits.


GI Joe will be in theaters August 7th, 2009


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