New "sizzle reel" shows the scale of The Walking Dead's violence and desolation

We've never seen a television series like The Walking Dead, with its huge cinematic zombie battles and its darkly disturbing personal moments. Check out a new behind-the-scenes "sizzle reel" from the AMC series.


The Walking Dead will be bringing some new footage to New York Comic Con, and will premiere on AMC next month.

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Avohkah Tamer

I'm completely unfamiliar with the story of The Walking Dead (I haven't read the comic), so I've got a quick question to any fans: Are they zombies (as in, people who die come back to life and want to eat brains), or infected (flu/rabies virus variation mutates people and makes them want to eat brains)? I'll watch this either way, I'm a huge zombie apocalypse fan, but I'd still like to know.