Watch April O'Neil (sans awesome yellow jacket) get roughed up by a newly updated Foot clan in this Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle short. Behold the turtle power and full monster suit! Plus more Ghost Shark is on the way.

Fight The Foot

This fan-made short is actually pretty enjoyable, but we're sure that a rebooted TMNT movie in today's time would probably swap April's TV reporter for a blogger. (Okay, that's really just WISHFUL thinking on my behalf, save me Turtles!) The Foot would all have a collection of mismatched version of gas masks for aesthetically pleasing reasons. And the first run-in with the turtle would be seriously awkward. We could have used a little more vomiting and April screaming, "What sort of dark corner of the world did God turn his eye away from so you could be given life?" But all in all, this short says one thing loud and clear: it's time for the Turtles to come back.

Also, this video means I get to post old footage of Sam Rockwell from the early 90s TMNT movie. Huzzah!

[Fight The Foot]

In Chambers

On a more somber note, you must watch the short film In Chambers from the director Aleksander Nordaas. I don't want to say much (because it will spoil the ending), but this dark little thriller's a bit of a mind trip. Thankfully, Twitch Film was kind enough to post the entire short online (but it will only be up for a week!)


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[via Twitch Film]

Ghost Shark 2

You loved the first Ghost Shark flick, now get a load of the second. More blood, more deaths, more ghost shark!


Iwai Shunji's Vampire film (which is supposedly going to revamp the way the modern audience perceives the blood suckers) is currently making the rounds at Sundance. Thanks to Twitch Film, we can now finally see some footage from this film, which strangely stars Rachael Leigh Cook (She's All That).


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