New Seventh Son Trailer Channels A Willow Vibe

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The much-delayed fantasy movie starring Jeff Bridges titled Seventh Son has had three previous release dates, but now it appears to be finally ramping up for a release. And with this new monster-filled trailer, we're seeing the serious side to Seventh Son.


We're actually excited this picture, based on the Joseph Delaney book The Last Apprentice, will now see the light of day. We need more fantasy-driven pictures, and for some reason it's channeling a hard Willow vibe for me, which could be a very good thing. Or it could be terrible; after all, it was delayed three times. No way of knowing until we see more. But having Jeff Bridges and Julianne Moore as an evil witch doesn't hurt.

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Dr. Opossum

I know that i09 feels the need to put a positive spin on things, but does anyone see a chance in hell that this generic-looking film won't be a commercial and critical flop? It is a shame that Bridges has gotten mixed up with genre snoozers like RIPD, The Giver, and most likely this.