More details are emerging about Fringe, J.J. Abrams new Fox show. The more we hear about it, the more Fringe sounds like a slightly tweaked X-Files clone. One piece of news: John Noble (Denethor from Lord of the Rings) will star. Click through for a new plot summary.


Fringe focuses on the brilliant-but-maybe-crazy scientist Walter Bishop (Noble), his estranged son... and the female agent who brings the two of them together. When the show starts, the elder Bishop is in an institution. Every week, the show focuses on another self-contained paranormal mystery, plus the relationships among the characters. Also, Lance Reddick (The Wire) will co-star as Phillip Broyles, special agent for Homeland Security. Broyles heads up the special Fringe division, set up to investigate a series of terrorist/paranormal events. Alex Graves (Journeyman) will direct the pilot.

Of course, J.J. is in the can-do-no-wrong zone right now, so maybe this show will subvert X-Files the way Cloverfield subverted Godzilla. You never know, right? [Production Charts]